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The Rogering Reward

Watch This Video! Studio: Fatal Femdom Movies A big strong slave has endured a severe endurance test from Mistress Gemini in order to have the privilege of getting his legs up in the stirrups of the examination chair in Gemini’s medical room. She starts the exam with a gentle probing of his man hole getting him ready for a serious stretching. A nice butt plug takes him through the next phase of the exam and then Gemini uses both hands to pull his ass open for the big cock to come. She next gives him the biggest cock he has ever had. He groans and moans and Gemini takes it down a notch so she can give him more of a pounding with a nice doubled ended dildo

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Persephone’s Struggle In Bondage

Watch This Video! Studio: Gotham Gold Persephone has struggled in very few things throughout the years, but tonight she has decided to partake in bondage. This will not be any easy task for her. Join Persephone and her friend Debbie as they Struggle In Bondage and live to tell about it! You won’t be disappointed! Stars: Persephone , Debbie

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Perverse Nurse

Watch This Video! Studio: L.B.O. Entertainment Group Mistress Jennifer, and her daughter, Mistress Artemis, take the sexually dominant nursing theme to incredible erotic heights with an actual session of probing submission and surrender. From face smothering to humiliating anal insertions to genital bondage, the man who appears in this video requested and paid for the abusive service he received. As a warning, watch this – don’t DO this. Stars: Jennifer Antone , Mistress Aatimis

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Way Too Hot

Watch This Video! Studio: Lakeview Entertainment Mistress Autumn is the beautiful blonde in black leather that every man desires. She torments slave woody for 38 minutes until he can take no more and must release. Lots of face sitting and verbal teasing as She makes him beg to eat his cum, knowing he dislikes that activity intensely. Down in the dungeon hanging by his heels and then up into the bedroom spread out on his back for Her amusement. We spy on Mistress Autumn as She finishes up brushing Her hair and puts on Her tiara.

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