Lashed By Aiden

Lashed By Aiden

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Syren Productions
Mistress Lolila plays the part of a creative marriage counselor with a sadistic side. Her newest client tony has been sent by his wife, as a last ditch effort to curtail his abhorrent behavior. Mistress Lolila delights in the strict punishments of Tony while she shows him the error of his ways with her strict and hot domination of him.

Mistress Lolila does not believe in sparing the rode or the strap, cane, paddle, birch, hairbrush or singletail whip when disciplining her clients. She erotically uses all of these instruments viciously and seductively on Tony. You know that Mistress Lolia is serious about making Tony change his ways when she further torments whim with face slapping and foot worship.

Stars: Mistress Lolila

Lashed By Aiden

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