Happiness In Slavery: Daddy

Happiness In Slavery: Daddy

Video: Happiness In Slavery: Daddy

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I’m so tired of my stepdaddy going on dates with strange women. He doesn’t realize that my sister, Kissa, and I make it our personal project to get rid of each and every one. We don’t like to share daddy’s attention with other women. I realize that Daddy is going out with these women because he needs someone his own age to fulfill his needs, but hey– WE could totally do that for Daddy. I’ve been having needs myself that need to be filled, and I’m not talking about something you can buy at the store. How do we persuade our Daddy that we could be the young women to fulfill his intimate needs? What happens if he doesn’t allow us? Watch the story unfold, you’ll see how we always get our way.

Stars: Adriana Chechik, Kissa Sins, Johnny Sins

Happiness In Slavery: Daddy

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