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Watch This Video! Studio: Katy is a petite Asian in her late 20’s. Katy has tiny feet and a surprised laugh. Katy is really surprised by being my tickling while she is trapped in bondage. I tickle her armpits, ribs and feet thoroughly. She gives the traditional Asian reaction we all dig. Screams, whines, cries, laughs, begs as her face contorts with tortured expressions

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American Spanking Classics #16 – The Missing Report

Watch This Video! Studio: California Star Productions Sydney has a wife who rather enjoys the harsh discipline that he enlists upon her soft skin. The paddle or cane across her bare bottom brings a rosy feeling of eroticism. Today is a very difficult day for him and he realizes that one bottom will just not be enough for him. So he enlists the aid of a former whipping girl who is still very much into the discipline scene. So today he will have two rosy bottoms to test his paddles, whips and riding crops against. Today will be a very good day!

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Dungeon Mistress

Watch This Video! Studio: Meet Mistress Erin, dressed like a true mistress, outfitted with high black boots, a whip and handcuffs… but not too much else!! She has a special talent for punishing “bad girls” who are sent to her thinking they are going for a ‘spa’ day, only to find themselves blindfolded, in stocks, to be tickle tortured until they promise to behave… with feathers, pipe cleaners, long fingernails, teeth, whips, toothpicks and q-tips, on their bare feet and upper bodies. She loves to answer the phone because it means one more girl coming her way to be subjected to her sadistic punishments.

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Smothering Bitches Vol. 1

Watch This Video! Studio: Gotham Gold Fetish Queen Anna Malle sits atop Scott Baker’s face, using her long legs to grind her hot ass against his eager and willing tongue. Deprived of oxygen and full of lust, Scott tongues her asshole cleaner than it’s ever been, and makes her hot pussy juices flow down her thighs where he eagerly licks it up. Watching Anna Malle gyrate her hips while bouncing her huge tits up and down is enough to drive anyone wild with lust. Next we see Toby blissfully riding Julian Starr’s face while sending waves of love lava down his throat while she cums.

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Jabaku 13 – Mizuho Tono

Watch This Video! Studio: Suave Communications A beautiful young Japanese woman is taken and made to work. She is a glorified secretary with bondage benefits! She is bound and blindfolded. Further humiliation is caused when she sucks cock while being punished with droplets of hot wax all over her silky skin. Once the job is complete, she is freed, but will never be the same… Stars: Mizuho Tono

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