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Sex Machines

Watch This Video! Studio: Spitfire We allow you a glimpse into a forbidden underground. The private lives of fetish stars. Alternative lifestyles. Extreme taboos. The next frontier of sexual revolution.

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The Kailee & Chelsea Stories

Watch This Video! Studio: Chelsea Pfeiffer Entertainment The Audition : Kailee decided she’d like to work as an actress in spanking movies. When she called Chelsea Pfeiffer Entertainment, she was told she must audition before being cast in a spanking movie. Chelsea conducted the audition herself and, unfortunately for Kailee, it was more than just a simple interview. The Switcheroo : The long-suffering Kailee finally had enough of her overly long, overly hard spanking audition, and she turns the tables of the bossy Chelsea. What’s Chelsea got to say about it? How about, “Oowww!” Stars: Chelsea Pfeiffer

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Traditional College Punishment – Classic Series #11

Watch This Video! Studio: California Star Productions Here is a special treat for devotees of discipline, a double bill of fare. Our first presentation is a charming story of a curious young coed named Penny, who while visiting her Uncle Sidney discovers a collection of spanking videotapes. Her uncle refuses to let her view them. However, he does consent to give her a demonstration, an over-the-knee spanking. Now her curiosity has really been aroused! This impudent young lady is used to having her way. She’ll not relent until she has received her full treatment, including a bare bottom caning. Then she may discover what Uncle Sidney’s bottle of soothing skin cream is for

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Watch This Video! Studio: Lorenzo Loretto plays a successful defendant in a criminal court case. Seems the witness who was supposed to testify against him was a no show. Find out if the witness played by Billie Gene is on his side or under his spell. If urban, gritty, rough sex is your twist; this is your flick. Pussy banging, rough dick sucking, lickin balls, face slapping, brief toe and foot worship, as well as anal slammin, are all here for your entertainment. There is even a plot line for those who enjoy a bit of context with their sex.

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The Legend of the Blowjob Ninja Episode 1 – Ballbusting Punishment with Tessa Taylor

Watch This Video! Studio: Ultima Entertainment The blowjob ninja creeps around at night and he terrorizes his teenage opponent with foot fucking and teabagging! Suddenly, she retaliates with brutal femdom ballbusting and a cruel cockbiting blowjob! This sexy teenage ball buster does some awesome groin-kicking and ball-punching especially during a brutal ball-punching slow motion cumshot! Stars: Tessa Taylor , Pene Demado

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