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Countess De Jager – Slave Discipline

Watch This Video! Studio: FemDomFilms Countess De Jager is a blonde, British bombshell of a mistress. Watch as she puts two of her submissive boys – Maid Felicity and Slave Nicholas – into their place in “Slave Discipline.” Her sissy maid boy Felicity has not been performing up to par, so Countess throws him over her knee and whacks his bottom with her bare hand. Slave Nicholas was snooping, so Countess teaches him a lesson, beating his ass with a stick repeatedly. Will these slaves ever learn, or will Countess De Jager have to continue her discipline and training forever…? Stars: Slave Nicholas , Countess De Jager , Maid Felicity

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Race Queen W Training

Watch This Video! Studio: C-FORMAT Moe Yaguchi and Mari Ebikawa are here for some pantyhose and foot fetish fun in Race Queen W Training from C-Format. These two sexy girls come dressed in some sexy sports gear and pantyhose. They are about to do some face sitting and give out some hot foot jobs with their sexy pantyhose. Enjoy! Stars: Mari Ebikawa , Moe Yaguchi

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Electric Charge

Watch This Video! Studio: Spitfire Subversive Sinema takes you into a forbidden underground. The private lives of fetish stars. Alternative lifestyles. Extreme taboos. The next frontier of sexual revolution

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Ballbusting and Ballbiting The Wanker In The Cheerleader’s Locker Room

Watch This Video! Studio: Ultima Entertainment This hot little Latin cheerleader was stretching and practicing her cheerleader kicks in the girl’s locker room before the championship football game. The 19-year-old cheerleader heard a man breathing heavily, and she turned around and discovered Frankie Chingon, the college janitor, masturbating in the girl’s locker room violently! She began kicking him in the balls and squeezing his naked testicles with her bare hands to defend herself against the dirty old man! He kept touching himself, and she kept kicking and kneeing him in the balls! However, each time she Stars: Frankie Chingon , Leslie Sierra

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