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State Of Pain

Watch This Video! Studio: Who’s a little pain slut? Elise Graves is that’s who… This one eats pain and sexualizes it. Elise orgasms are harder, longer and more intense than most could endure. The cruel sting of the whip makes Elise wet and she begs for more

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Renter’s Revenge

Watch This Video! Studio: Anastasia Pierce Productions After finding her landlord (Anastasia Pierce) snooping in her apartment, Mistress Jean decides to put her through a series of harsh torments to find out what she discovered. She is willing to use any means necessary to get any information from her and Jean will stop at nothing. Stringent bondage, electrical play, Chinese suction cups, breath play, a vac-bed and hot wax are just some of the punishments the Mistress puts Anastasia through. Will she be able to break Anastasia and make her speak? Stars: Jean Bardot , Anastasia Pierce

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Pains Sweet Embrace

Watch This Video! Studio: Roxanne Hall doesn’t bottom in public, much less on the internet, she only tops. Roxanne has a very, very short list of people that she’ll let Dom her even in private, fortunately I’m on that list and as for this being filmed, well sometimes you just get lucky. Roxanne is gorgeous, sexy and yes and absolute pain slut. With a love of canning that’s unmatched by all most anyone I know and when I say she go’s there I really mean she go’s there. Roxanne’s one of those rare creature’s that can actually orgasm from pain. Precise, exact pain, but pain none the less.

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Men In Pain 31 – Euro Bitch Dominates Worthless Slave Boy

Watch This Video! Studio: Sandra and breaks in newcomer tahiti boy, but things do not progress the way Mistress likes them. After a couple of grueling sets of whipping, slapping and merciless ass fucking, slave boy gets the chance to fuck the Mistress but She is not impressed. See what happens when Mistress Romain is fed up with a worthless slave…. Stars: Sandra Romain , Tahiti Boy

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Girls in Charge

Watch This Video! Studio: Coast to Coast Ever wonder what would happen if suddenly every housewife took charge of her lives? Sex would be when and where the girls wanted it. And on their terms! Just goes to show when a girl really wants something, she knows how to get it. And these girls get it every which way! They like it like that, and they make sure you know it! So next time you can do it right. Stars: Gia Paloma , Lily Thai , Audrey Hollander

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