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Femdom Fetish Volume 3

Watch This Video! Studio: CNA Productions This evil Master brings a blonde screaming up into his dwelling where another blonde is bound white standing by restraints and chains. These women are made to suck his cock and they must have sex with him and adhere to his tortures. They include spanking, bondage, breast play, hot wax, and humiliation, the use of a stockade, smoking and hair pulling. When he’s done with his female slaves he locks them up and there is no key to unlock the door unless the Master lets them out.

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Days Of Laughter

Watch This Video! Studio: California Star Productions We’ve got quadruples the fun in this tale as we find Cleo and Nicole at a secluded picnic site. Rummaging through their picnic basket Cleo finds some rope and feather dusters and wonders what they are for. Nicole gleefully states that she hopes to have a bit of fun this afternoon and they begin to tickle and tie each other until they hear approaching footsteps. They grab their clothes and hastily depart hoping they won’t be caught! Just around the corner in a residence Brigitte and Talia are hard at work tickling and tying each other for a delightful afternoon. So pleased are they that by the end of their adventure that they decide to splurge and spend a night out on the town.

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Addison Rose: Jerk It Loser 4

Watch This Video! Studio: Synister Films Addison Rose is back in this third installment to the series “Addison Rose: Jerk It Loser”. At first she sits in a cute red top and jeans. She starts right off the bat with humiliating you that you’re a pervert and she knows you like young girls. Addison gets completely naked. Slapping her ass, as you would be slapping her ass with your dick.

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Mood Castings – Linda

Watch This Video! Studio: Mood Castings Linda is, as Betty puts it, a “very stupid, very simple girl” who has applied for a job, but doesn’t even fit the requirements for the job. Betty, as her interviewer, is angry for having her time wasted by this foolish job applicant. She tells Linda to strip down and bend over the desk for a caning. With her bare ass in the air, she is spanked with a stick until her butt is covered in red and purple stripes. Next, she lies on her back with her legs in the air, and now the cane smacks her ass, but also her upper thighs and exposed pussy. Will Linda be able to endure all 50 strokes, or will the pain be too much to handle

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