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Watch This Video! Studio: Mistress Alexandra Mistress Alexandra has her prying eyes set on the cock of Slave Lucky. In Domination, Mistress Alexandra puts her domination skills on full display. Slave Lucky wears nothing but a mask and dick clamps as he’s trampled, milked, and tortured through five titled segments: Hooded CBT, Hooded CBT – Part 2, Humbled Beating, Distress, and Toerag. Stars: Mistress Alexandra , Slave Lucky

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Elite Pain Interviews: Lisa

Watch This Video! Studio: Elite Pain Interviews Lisa is a 30-year-old wife and mother who works as a psychologist. In her interview with Max, she confesses that she needs the money from this Elite Pain casting, but she is also experimental and would like to test her limits for pain tolerance. Lisa examines the instruments Max has in store for her, seemingly unfazed by the cane and whips. She strips down and is tortured with clamps on her belly and nipples. Her breasts are smacked with a riding crop, then her nipples are twisted as tears stream down her face

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I Dream Of Genie

Watch This Video! Studio: Mark finds an old Genie lamp! When he rubs it, a gorgeous, blond Genie appears and grants him 3 wishes! WISH #1: Mark is in love with his stunning neighbor Viviana. She is always sunbathing and showing off her sexy, silky bare feet. He has wanted to get his hands on those feet forever. He wishes to tickle his neighbor’s feet while she’s trapped in stocks. POOF! His wish is granted! Viviana is locked in stocks before him and she is at his mercy as he peels off her socks and tickles her deliciously sensitive feet. Viviana struggles like crazy in the stocks to escape the tickling and laughs so hard she can barely breathe

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AH – 22: Hurricane Fighters – The Tape 1

Watch This Video! Studio: L. Scott Sales Steve has stolen a tape from Xana and she will go all out to get it back. She uses her Tae Kwon Do skills as she punches and kicks him into oblivion. Lots of spinning kicks to his chest and abs. Xana is also trained in BJJ and she uses arm bars, levers, triangle chokes, sleepers and more. She damn near kills this guy with scissors, knees, elbows and strangles.

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Bondage Torments 38

Watch This Video! Studio: presents Bondage Torments 38! 1. Tianna suffers pulled off her seat by a right crotch rope. I jerk off and cum while watching her suffer. 2.

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