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Mistress Renata

Watch This Video! Studio: Video Vortex A lesson in severe domination and bondage by a real-life Dominatrix. This beautiful young lady teaches a male slave to serve her properly. Set in a Los Angeles “pain emporium” known as The Chateau, Mistress Renata utilizes all the equipment at hand including chains, whips, dog collar and hanging bondage devices to train her slave in proper foot worship, humility and respect. You won’t want to miss her casual stroll across his bare back as she digs her spikes into his skin! Mistress Renata is a natural dominant who deserves to be worshipped. Stars: Mistress Renata

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Jerky Girls Vol. 52 – Jerky School Girls

Watch This Video! Studio: JC JUST TURNED 18…AND SHE IS A BRAT!!!! SHE GETS THIS BOY TO AGREE TO BEING TIED UP BY OFFERING HIM A BLOWJOB!! INSTEAD….SHE SETS A TIMER….AND TEASES HIM MERCILESSLY FOR 5 MINUTES.. THEN SHE JERKS HIM OFF AND RUINS IT…WHILE LAUGHING AT HIM!!! What happens when you give an executive job to a Girl that just turned 18?……Her Gramma owns the company, and 18 Year Old JC……is…… guessed it….She’s a BRAT!!!!! Ha Ha Ha!!!! Bratty 18 Year Old JC call a boy into Her office and tells him he is going to be rewarded for his excellent TPS Reports with a Blowjob!! Of course he is VERY excited. JC tells him that She wants to tie him up before She Sucks his cock….to….”enhance the sensation” according to Her….and he falls for it!! (boys are soooo stupid!!) Once he is tied up, JC breaks the news to him “Girls like ME don’t Suck the cocks’ of boys like you….I’m gonna cock-tease you instead!!” JC uses a timer…and for a full 5minutes, She Teases his cock relentlessly….lap dances….cock stroking…..teasing and taunting him about showing parts of Her 18 Year Old Body to him…and then NOT doing it. When the timer goes off after 5 minutes….the boy is visibly damaged and distressed by JC’s treatment…only to find out the worst is yet to cum!!!! JC Jerks the boy’s cock right up until She senses he is going to Ejaculate….then, cruelly…..She stops…rests Her hand on Her chin….and watches and laughs as the boy’s cock spurts out a series of Painful, Ruined Cumblasts!!! OUCH!!!!! “That must have Really hurt your cock” The Bratty 18 Year Old says. 2.CUM ON THE SCHOOLGIRL!! KATRINA IS MASTURBATING HERSELF IN DETENTION….. SHE IS SHOVING A BIG DILDO IN AND OUT OF HER 18 YEAR OLD CUNT..

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Jerk Off Instructions 40 – Mean Girls

Watch This Video! Studio: SybianRides4Cash These two young girls are absolutely repulsed by the thought of having to help you jerk your little prick. They are totally belittling to you throughout the whole clip and they can’t stop laughing at you. These mean girls demonstrate how to jerk your little prick with their fingers. You still live in your mother’s basement, don’t you, loser? Your prick is so small that these mean girls cannot tell if it is even fully erect yet. For some reason, they take pity on you and they each show you a tit

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Absolute Delivery

Watch This Video! Studio: Doma Mistress Anne and Mistress Tanja enjoy inflicting pain on their submissive slave. Slave P. is bound with both ropes and chains, he has a spreader bar holding his legs apart so his Mistresses can have easy access to his sensitive cock and balls, attaching clamps and weights that pull painfully. He is whipped, and his Mistresses repeatedly strike is balls, getting great enjoyment from their CBT. Stars: Mistress Tanja , Slave P. , Mistress Anne

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Device Bondage #3 Featuring Bobbi Starr Live, Part 2

Watch This Video! Studio: Cyd forces Kayden Faye to bend over, and then binds her wrists to her knees before yanking her up onto her tiptoes and throwing a pile of sharp black volcanic sand under her feet. Kayden sways to and fro in this humiliating hobble position, catching her balance only at the cost of intense scraping pain on her bare soles. Not satisfied with this alone, Cyd begins to whip her exposed and vulnerable ass over and over while she drools and suffers. Bobbi Starr is frog tied and strapped down to a metal rack with plugs in her cunt and ass, then tied back to back with Sarah Jane Ceylon on a standing rack and treated to a double single tail session that finishes when Cyd drags Kayden in on her knees to service each girl orally. Stars: Bobbi Starr , Sarah Jane Ceylon , Kayden Faye

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Mood Castings – Virag

Watch This Video! Studio: Mood Castings Virag is a terrible maid. She is tasked to clean the room, but when Betty comes to inspect her work, she says Virag has done a terrible job. The punishment for not successfully doing her duties as a cleaning lady is, of course, a spanking! Virag must bend over the couch and receive 50 cane strokes. With her bare bottom in the air, she receives brutal beatings with a stick. She shudders in pain every time the stick hits her bare ass, and her endurance for pain is certainly put to the test. Stars: Betty , Virag

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