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Caught & Punished

Watch This Video! Studio: Girls-Boarding-School.comClaire and Emma are searching through the Headmaster’s bed chambers. Claire finds some money and quickly stuffs it in her sock before Headmaster Tom comes in and finds them. When his queries as to what is going on yield nothing from the two girls, he proceeds to give both a good OTK hand spanking.

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Hand Smother Giant Starring Morgana Cruel

Watch This Video! Studio: Hunterotic BrasilMorgana Cruel calls the other girl. Not quite sure what she did but Morgana dominates her and does total breath play. She puts her hands over her mouth and pinches her nose so she has difficult time breathing. You can see that Morgana has her way with her. She even sits on her, putting her legs around her.Stars: Morgana Cruel

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Face Slapping Starring Sensual Jane And Blanka Hot

Watch This Video! Studio: HunteroticBlanka Hot is in trouble again! Blanka went out late for a night on the town and left Sensual Jane home alone! Blanka doesn’t end up returning until the morning and Sensual Jane immediately makes Blanka pay! Sensual Jane might have been a fighter in her previous life, because she her hands are heavy and she can dish out some serious slaps

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Face Sitting Starring Emilly Brasil

Watch This Video! Studio: Hunterotic BrasilHunterotic Brasil’s “Facesitting” series continues with Domina Emilly Brasil. Watch this spicy Latina as she dominates a cute blonde pigtailed sub by smothering her with her big ass and landing stripp’d pussy until the poor little sub can’t breathe anymore. Emilly really shows this sub what’s what!Stars: Emilly Brasil

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New Model Keagan Punishment Day – Angle 1

Watch This Video! Studio: Girls-Boarding-School.comHeadmaster Tom bangs on Keagan’s door to remind her what day it is – punishment day. She was supposed to be in his office at 7 am! She makes him angry when she says she overslept on this important day.

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