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Brat Girls 82

Watch This Video! Studio: Kinky Europe ProductionsKinky Europe’s Brat Girls are back with that devious duo, The Cat Sisters! Watch as these masked Dominas humiliate their wimpy sub by making him lick the bottoms of their filthy sneakers, along with plenty of spitting, slapping, smothering, crawling, and something involving ads in a very nice magazine.Stars: The Cat Sisters

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Brat Girls 77

Watch This Video! Studio: Kinky Europe ProductionsIt’s time to peep out another edition of Brat Girls! Princess Nikki has teamed up with Brunhilde, and Princess Amirah to humiliate and degrade Majke, who is a poor slave in a mask! Princess Nikki takes a great deal of pleasure when it comes to spitting in Majke’s face, slapping him, flogging him and making him lick their toes!Stars: Princess Nikki, Princess Amirah, Brunhilde, Majke

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Gayle Moher In The British Jewel

Watch This Video! Studio: Iron BellesA powerful woman always gets what she wants and in this case Gayle Moher wants to dominate. Watch as she playfully over-powers this physically inferior average Joe. She poses, wrestles, and dominates in her bra and panties. Later exposing her sizable implants, giving this guy a few tit slaps and maintaining control.Stars: Gayle Moher

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Beauty And The Hunk

Watch This Video! Studio: Joan Wise ProductionsScarlet is a stunning specimen, and has tits, ass, and a body to die for. Rock is a handsome hunk who in a fair fight is too much for Scarlet to handle. But Scarlet realizes quickly that she’d better use her assets and overpower him sexually if not with her muscles. The sexy lady has had enough of Rock’s macho act and grabs his balls and dick, and now she has the upper hand (literally) and pins him with her pussy, tit smothers him. Scarlet uses every inch of her fabulous body to prove her point. Not content to concede defeat, the young Adonis grabs Scarlet’s tits, overpowers her for a while, and even attempts to sit on her face

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Pony Girls Starring Thais Monteiro And Ellen Pacheco

Watch This Video! Studio: Hunterotic BrasilIt’s time to pony up, and this slave girl better had done all of the grazing and lazing about she’s going to do for the day, because her mistress is going to ride her long, and ride her hard-in a literal sense, not in the sexualized innuendo fashion. She uses her sub’s hair for reigns and further denigrates her by sitting on her back and stretching her legs out over the back of her head to clearly show who’s top dog.Stars: Ellen Pacheco, Thais Monteiro

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Office Bitch

Watch This Video! Studio: Iron BellesA day at the office with Yasim and Kasie. Ever experienced that sinking feeling that an employee gets when they do a great deal of work-and they’re not appreciated for it? Instead, they’re largely ignored and marginalized. Kasie had to deal with that, and she has finally reached her boiling point. Kasie has had enough

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