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Winners & Losers

Watch This Video! Studio: Joan Wise ProductionsFans have been clamoring for a tape with nothing but face sitting ending. It is an idea whose time has come and in this very special tape we give you scenes from the first thirty video tapes both female v. female and female v. male encounters showing you only the face sitting conclusions. This is our idea of “winners” and “losers” and it will make anybody else’s version of this theme look pale by comparison

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Face Sitting Starring Ellen Pacheco & Luanna

Watch This Video! Studio: Hunterotic BrasilEllen Pacheco is a naughty girl with an incredibly stunning body! And now she’s in the mood for some serious face sitting action! Luckily, the submissive Luanna is around and her face is a perfect destination for Ellen’s shapely behind! If you’re a fan of Brazilian beauties and face sitting action, you have come to the right place!Stars: Luanna, Ellen Pacheco

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Scissor Starring Cyntia And Luanna

Watch This Video! Studio: Hunterotic BrasilCyntia and Luanna are two Brazilian babes who are looking to put on a very physical and kinky show just for you! Cyntia is a powerfully built gal and she’s been working on her jiu jitsu and wrestling. Luanna is Cyntia’s friend and she’s reluctantly agreed to train with Cyntia. Cyntia doesn’t hold back and scissors Luanna in between her muscular thighs, sits on her face and really gets the best of her!Stars: Luanna, Cyntia

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POV Cuckold Volume 38

Watch This Video! Studio: Roman VideoPretty Scarlett Fever lies on your bed masturbating and plotting your downfall. You discover her and before you can stop her, she’s on her knees giving you an incredible blowjob. You succumb to her seduction and soon you’re promising her anything, even not fucking your own wife, just for the pleasure of being her sex toy. You fuck her on your bed. You can’t believe how much tighter her young pussy is than her mother’s.

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Face Sitting Starring Dorothy Black And Melania

Watch This Video! Studio: HunteroticLetting someone sit on your face sounds so easy and uncomplicated right? Melania sure thinks so until she’s paired up with Domina Dorothy Black for a rude awakening! She’s humiliated, and smothered over and over again while Dorothy changes positions to get the best angle for the most effect! She has no problem taking Melania’s breath away when she sits her shaved, pierced puss on her face over and over again before Dorothy tires of the unfortunate slave and sends her out of the room.Stars: Dorothy Black, Melania Castro

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