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The Debt Slave

Watch This Video! Studio: Elite PainA new law in our fictional world gives the opportunity for parents to sell their daughters in case f financial problems. A blonde beauty is the victim of this new law and she becomes the first debt slave of the Elite Club. She and two other slaves are trained with painful and humiliating procedures in this very exciting movie.Stars: Maximilian Lomp

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Juliette’s Auction

Watch This Video! Studio: Juliette Captured And In DistressFor sale! One brunette wench, being auctioned off by her master for insubordination. He demonstrates how well he’s trained her since, by chaining her hands and feet, stuffing a vibrator against her clit, and beating her with a cane. She doesn’t struggle an ounce, making her the perfect slave

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The Upper Floor – Bill Bailey, Darling And Abella Danger

Watch This Video! Studio: A Higher Protocol: The Anal Bondage Slave and the Nineteen Year Old Petitioner When Anal House Slave Darling is put in charge of Abella Danger, the newest slave recruit, Darling finds that she is held to a higher standard and must learn a higher protocol to keep up with the demands of the House. Experienced House slave Darling is an anal sex loving nympho that cannot get it hard enough in tight bondage. She is charged with teaching the fresh young bubble butt applicant slave girl wannabe, Abella Danger, about the Ways of the House. The two beautiful submissive girls complement each other beautifully in the dynamic hard fucking and high protocol afternoon of sexual service on the Upper Floor.Stars: Darling, Abella Danger, Bill Bailey

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Eva Notty’s Big Tit Femdom

Watch This Video! Studio: Venus Girls ProductionsAuntie Kacey Storm and mommy Eva Notty are ready to relieve junior of all his semen and he needs some cock training. Then Eva comes back to have junior focus on her big tits. Between Kacey and Eva they use their big bags to totally relax him and make him cum. Then Eva and Kacey are ready to train your cock, POV style. Jason Katana’s mom hired Kacey and Eva because he has a bit of a distraction problem and his grades in school suck. These two dominant hotties with their big tits play with his little wiener and set him right and the ladies get an A+ load.Stars: Eva Notty, Kacey Storm, Jason Katana

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Friendzone & Strap On

Watch This Video! Studio: Brat Perversions FilmsTristan Sweet is her BFF and he wants to be Miss Brat Dom’s boyfriend. Is her ready for the next step? Tristan must obey every instruction she gives. He must suck her toes and lick her feet.

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