Pain Sharing

Watch This Video! Studio: Genuine FilmsThe art of punishment is a delicate balance mixed with pleasure. These Masters know where and how far to push their willing slaves to the edge. They are teased with toys and then punished for their pleasure. Or is it punishment? You never hear a safe word uttered!

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Anything You Wish 1&2

Watch This Video! Studio: Assylum.comIntense domination and filth — that’s what we have here. Dr. Mercies took a particular delight in Anastasia, because she was so hot, young, and perverted. Her therapy has the usual hard anal pounding and ass to mouth, but so much more

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Aileen’s Spelling Test

Watch This Video! Studio: Spanked-At-Home.comNew girl Aileen is not really in the mood to learn her German vocabulary. When Alex enters the room – asking if she has learned anything she affirms to him that she has learned everything. Alex starts a spelling test and soon finds out, that this lazy girl has learned nothing. He gets the cane immediately and gives the poor girl a very special spelling lesson…

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