Pain Sharing

Watch This Video! Studio: Genuine FilmsThe art of punishment is a delicate balance mixed with pleasure. These Masters know where and how far to push their willing slaves to the edge. They are teased with toys and then punished for their pleasure. Or is it punishment? You never hear a safe word uttered!

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Free For Use

Watch This Video! Studio: Mega-Film Sadistically painful yet extremely pleasurable! It’s the best of both worlds in the bondage cinematic experience. Women get flogged, bound, and satisfied by their masters. It’s the ultimate in kink and pure lust and will devour you whole. Plunge into tattooed and pierced vixens having intense sexual experiences.

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Wiederspenstige Zofen

Watch This Video! Studio: Mega-Film What happens when these cute petite girls act badly? They become little whore slaves who get punished by their masters! Watch as these poor girls get tied up, beat, whipped and humiliated by their overpowering masters! This is the way REAL BDSM should be done!

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