Bat & Ball From Spanked Cuties

Watch This Video! Studio: Girls-Boarding-School.comSophe at her worst! Such a ungrateful girl! She was taken to this beautiful campsite, with no school, the sun is shining, nothing but fun and relaxing all day long, even a swimming pool in spitting distance… but all this ignorant girl is doing all day long is grousing, complaining and getting on her educator’s nerves

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Hidden Money From Spanked Cuties

Watch This Video! Studio: Girls-Boarding-School.comStealing other people’s money has never been a good idea… but some girls still are hopeful for having a close shave when they get caught. Well, certainly not for THIS girl. A correction by corporal punishment to its full extent is the only reasonable reaction that this guy can think of when he catches this cute girl with some of his cash in her pockets! It starts with a spanking over his knee, followed by a long caning, and finishing with some strong strokes with a heavy strap on the palms of her hands. A full 45 minutes movie, turning a defiant thief into a picture of misery

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